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1consciouslyconceive.jpgBring your child into the world with intention and awareness. The practice of Ayurveda honors the three months preceding conception as a time to balance the constitutions of both partners. Babies are influenced by this state of balance.


1peacefulpregnancy.jpgPregnancy is the ideal time to develop routines in diet and lifestyle that will greatly support us during postpartum and beyond. Create a peaceful and nourishing environment for your growing baby while giving yourself the path to inner and outer radiance.

1blissfulbirthing.jpgStudies overwhelmingly show that a doula, or labor support person present at a woman’s birth greatly improves the outcomes. Continuous and loving support during your birth is priceless. Christine offers a traditional birth doula care program as well as an Ayurvedic birth doula program which includes prenatal and postpartum Ayurvedic oil massage, health consultations before and after birth, postpartum herbal support, and two Ayurvedic postpartum meals.



1motherbaby.jpgAyurvedic tradition holds the 42 days after a woman gives birth as a vitally important window to rebuild strength and regain radiance. This window is one of three times in her life when the opportunity to create enhanced vitality is fertile, but it is also one in which lasting damage can be done to a woman’s health now and far into the future if she does not treat herself gently and observe the importance of healing during this sensitive time. The Mother Baby Postpartum program offers comprehensive care including health consultation, in home Ayurvedic oil massage, herbal support, and Ayurvedic postpartum cooking. There is no better or more appropriate time to offer yourself this kind of care.