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Blissful Birthing




• Monthly prenatal visits to discuss pregnancy, talk about birth plan, questions or fears associated with birth, expectations, anatomy and physiology of birth, creative movement, and ANYTHING mom and partner want to discuss

• Continuous, Individualized and Loving birth support

• Immediate postpartum support directly after birth

• 2 Postprtum visits

• OPTIONAL SERVICES AVAILABLE: Ayurvedic pregnancy and postpartum consultations, Ayurvedic postpartum doula services, Reiki treatments, and Ayurvedic massage.

Why a Doula?
A doula present during birth offers constant support to mother and partner.  She is able to advocate for the chosen birth plan, inform clients about their choices and offer many tools for support during labor, including creative movement, accupressure, essential oils, sound and breathing techniques.  Statistics have shown that women birthing with a doula present are less likely to be given interventions and less likely to have a cesarean birth.   

"Christine's is a calm and reassuring presence, and it was just what we needed in the weeks leading up to the birth of our baby. During our first interview, she met my fears with confidence, and my apprehension with joyful anticipation. She talked about her own birth experiences, and demonstrated some ways she could help me through my labor. When the night of our homebirth finally arrived, Christine was there in 10 minutes, and from the moment she walked in she never left my side. She made helpful suggestions, but most importantly, she was a solid, knowing, loving presence. Our baby came into the world with unexpected quickness, and Christine was there to stand in for our second midwife who hadn't yet arrived. Christine's post-birth visits were a highlight and a treat. Given my experience, I hope every birthing woman can bring her baby into the world with a doula like Christine."    - Kelly