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Peaceful Pregnancy



• Make way for a more peaceful baby

• Monthly changes in pregnancy require differences in diet and lifestyle

• Daily routines to nourish the physical body during this demanding time

• Develop a sadhana practice, a spiritual practice during pregnancy to directly influence mother and baby's state of peace

• Diet recommendations for each month of pregnancy

• Prepare physically, mentally and emotionally for baby's arrival

• Learn meditation and pranayama practices to promote all around balance

• Learn breath relaxation techniques to prepare for labor and delivery

The mother's state of mind during pregnancy has a direct impact on her baby.

Pregnancy is an ideal time to develop solid routines in diet and lifestyle including routine cleansing of the senses, meditation, pranayama or sacred breathwork, seasonal routines and monthly considerations for each stage of pregnancy. Ayurveda is rich in tradition regarding the care of the mother to be. Her happiness is essential to the health of her baby. She should be showered with love and care!

The Peaceful Pregnancy Program follows an expectant mother through each month of her pregnancy, whether she begins in the first trimester, or the last, to develp radiant health and a peaceful countenance in which to shower her baby. Babies are directly affected by a mothers peaceful state of mind, and will themselves be more peaceful. Developing a Sadhana practice, a regular 'spiritual' practice, during pregnancy balances the mother's and baby's health, paving the way for a smooth transition to birth and postpartum.

Programs vary in length from 3 months to 10 months and include weekly consultations and individualized goals.

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