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1spatreatments.jpgA vital aspect of Ayurvedic philosophy is ridding the body/mind/spirit of excess dosha, or toxins. Ayurvedic oil treatments serve the purpose of guiding these toxins out of the body, thus creating an enhanced constitutional balance.

1custommealprep.jpgA woman’s digestive capabilities after having a baby are not as they were before. It is vitally important to serve her foods that are appropriate for her at this time. Ayurvedic dietary principles for postpartum recovery are immensely helpful for optimum digestion, lactation, and hormonal balance, avoiding colic in babies and creating enhanced rest. Leave the food preparation to Christine and enjoy this beautiful and fleeting time with your baby.


1consultations.jpgDiscover your doshic constitution, and co-create weekly dietary and lifestyle goals to obtain your health goals and reveal your inner radiance.

1babyoilmassage.jpgBecome trained in the wonderfully satisfying practice of Ayurvedic Infant massage. Increase bonding, encourage infant well-being and create an important routine to share with your child now and throughout their childhood. Christine will train parents at home in this beautiful practice.