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• Discover your unique doshic constitution

• Address individual health concerns

• Co-create weekly wellness goals

• Whole health from the foundation on up

• Attention to mind, body and spirit


One on one consultations provide the client with clarity regarding what type of diet and lifestyle, herbal and therapeutic changes can be made to enhance vitality and correct imbalances which can cause any number of disorders. Consutlations provide the Ayurvedic Practitioner with information about the client such as current diet, digestive patterns, lifestyle qualities, routines, history of health, constitution, mental, spiritual and emotional patterns and much more. With a cumulative view of the individual's health, the practitioner can best identify effective recommendations.

The program model is essential to implementing lasting changes in the client's health and routine. An initial consultation begins the program, and a follow-up consulation occurs each week thereafter. Practical weekly goals are established by the client and the practitioner. By committing to an Ayurvedic Consult Program, the client makes a commitment to their path towards health and establishes a foundation for long term and sustainable results.

Programs range from 3 to 12 months with weekly consultations and individualized goals.

Ayurvedic Spa Treatments are a beneficial addition to aid the body in releasing excess doshas and toxins, and encourage a full return to healthy balance while making diet and lifestlye changes.