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Spa Treatments



• Relaxation and Stress Management

• Release of Toxins

• Improve Circulation

• Balance of Mind/Body/Emotions

• Hormone Regulation

• Support proper digestion and tissue function


Pay for 3 or more treatments and get 20% off most services

*In order to serve more individuals, a sliding scale is available upon request.


Ayurveda uses oil to deeply nourish the skin and underlying tissues while providing passage for toxins to move easily into the digestive tract where they may be eliminated, thus returning the body to a state of balance and vibrancy. Oil treatments calm excess Vata, which can lead to anxiety, tension, constipation, pain and constriction. Pacifying vata allows for deep relaxation, warmth and nourishment on all levels. Abhyanga, Ayurvedic oil massage, is a powerful way to combat stress, open blocked channels and return the internal directions of the body to their intended flow. Only organic oils are used. Body Treatments are best purchased as a package to encourage integration and sustainable results as well as provide economical pricing.

For combating the stresses of everyday life, calming the nervous system, nourishing all bodily tissues, opening obstructed channels throughout the body, improving digestion and integrating healing modalities. This traditional, rhythmic body treatment using warm oil is perfect on a routine basis, during seasonal transitions, and especially during the sacred transitions into motherhood. Single Massage $85, Three for $204

Treatment begins with a soothing, herbal foot bath and head massage. Positions will vary depending on need and comfort. NOTE: Massage in general is not recommended during the first trimester of pregnancy, when the embryo is especially fragile. Abhyanga is kept very gentle for the 8th month of pregnancy (weeks 29-32) due to the transfer of ojas (immunity) between mother and baby. It is best to take extra care during these times. 
Single Massage $85, Three for $204

Treatment is offered in the home with special considerations for the postpartum mother including proper warmth, breast comfort, baby needs and womb support.

Single Massage $90, Three for $250

This is a localized treatment using Mahanarayan oil, rich with herbs to soothe inflammed, sore and aching tissues, namely in the joints. Excellent for lower back pain, Kati Basti can also be applied on many other areas of the body including knees, shoulder, upper and mid back, and neck. The warm oil is contained using a traditional handmade dough barrier and left to penetrate the skin while the body relaxes. This treatment is preceeded by a short abhyanga. Regular application of Kati Basti can drastically improve chronic localized pain. This treatment is also fantatic for postpartum, as it helps cleanse the reproductive system after birth and calms excess vata.
Single treatment $60, Three for $144

A soothing treatment for the eyes, warm ghee is applied within a traditional handmade dough barrier formed around the eyes. Deeply nourishing to the eye tissue and nervous system, this treatment helps soothe irritated eyes, and improve mild vision impairment.
Single treatment $50, Three for $120

A gentle and powerful healing technique, reiki infuses the body with a surge of prana into the areas that are imbalanced. Deeply relaxing, reiki immediately calms the nervous system and allows the body, mind, spirit and senses to integrate the prana it is receiving. 
Single treatment $55, Three for $133